Crib Security System

Joe swipes a reader located at the entrance to the inventory crib. His security access is instantaneously verified and the door latch buzzes. The opening door breaks a magnetic contact and the lights are turned on and a computer says “Hi Joe”.

Joe closes the door behind him allowing the magnetic contact in the door to reengage. The reader is deactivated preventing anyone else from entering. A Mantrap is created. Mantrap is a term used by security professionals to describe a technique allowing only one person access to an area at a time.

Joe approaches the computer in the Crib and enters a job number (if appropriate) and clicks proceed. The computer will respond with “ready”.

Joe accesses bins freely while the DigitalBins Inventory Monitor records and displays all bin activity. Inventory level LEDs and Light Messages LEDs are lit.

When Joe is finished, he simply exits the secure area. Immediately, inventory is updated and a detailed Bin Ticket prints.


When Joe opens the door, the magnetic door sensor opens and the computer says “goodbye Joe”. When Joe closes the door, the magnetic door sensor closes, the lights are turned off and the reader on the outside of the door is re-activated making the secure area available again.

Joe completes his task as quickly as he is able to swipe an entrance scanner, visit appropriate bin location(s), and pick-up his printed receipt.

• no clunky cabinets to open
• no fumbling through keys
• no slow vending machines to wait for
• no segregated high and low value stock
no more disappearing inventory!

Why would Joe take a size small pair of gloves when he wears a large glove? Why would he take a grinding wheel when his work for the day does not require it?

Simply put, the day DigitalBins begins monitoring inventory is the day Joe realizes that supplies are no longer free company perks.

Inventory levels are updated immediately and visible on any browser from anywhere in the world.

There is no limit to the number of secure areas you may create.

DigitalBins has developed a better Mantrap!

Proximity readers and accessories should be installed and maintained by a licensed electrician or security professional familiar with federal, state and local fire and safety codes. A standard metal key or master card should close by in case of an emergency.