DigitalBins Cloud Service

DigitalBins is now offering a Cloud Based, all inclusive, white-glove, computing and communications solution for our customers. DigitalBins will provide the computing horse-power, perform all updates and upgrades, manage the network, address all technical issues and replace the computer hardware if it fails. We also provide everything needed to connect to a 3G or 4G network.

Within minutes of receiving our DB6006 Communications Device, remote processing may begin.

This service provides DigitalBins customers access to a non-shared, Windows7 (or better) computer, connected to DigitalBins via the cellular network of your choice.

For VMI service providers, this service eliminate the liabilities and intrusions associated with using your customer’s internal network to communicate vital inventory counts, FTP data to a hosted web site, email replenishment reports and POs, etc.

The DigitalBins Cloud Service combines the reliability of the cellular network with an all-inclusive, easy access, computing solution.

Base Cloud Service includes:
3G or 4G LTE DB6006 Communications Device
5gig data plan including use taxes
Dedicated PC Including:
Windows 7 Pro or better
4 GB RAM, Intel I3 Chip – Dual Core, adequate HD Space for the DB-IMS application and related files
Internal gigabit Ethernet connection
Accessible via remote desktop
A unique User Name and Password will be provided
A Unique URL will be provide
The base service accommodates one Company and one Warehouse
The DigitalBins database will be backed-up daily and stored offsite
All Windows Updates will be installed periodically (Service notices will be sent prior)
All DigitalBins DB-IMS updates will be installed free of charge. (Power of Attorney authorization required)
Hardware Maintenance is included
Priority response will be given to all calls related to the PC(s) and DigitalBins
Assistance in the event of Verizon/ATT/Comcast Network or Internet connectivity issues
Inventory Visibility through the DigitalBins Customer Login Portal
Unlimited Help-Desk Support for the assigned liaison
  Annual Contract
$ 2,500.00
  Annual Additional Location on existing Cloud PC (as needed) includes:
$ 900.00
3G or 4G LTE DB6006 Communications Device  
5gig data plan including use taxes  
One additional Company or Warehouse  
Includes all other services in the Basic Cloud Service  
  Annual additional charge for each company monitored
$ 175.00
  Annual additional for each warehouse monitored
$ 175.00
• Annual invoices will be sent 60 days prior to the anniversary date.
• Service will be terminated if the invoice(s) are not paid before the anniversary.
• All services may be suspended if invoice payments are not received on a timely basis.
• Available bandwidth is determined by Verizon/ATT/Comcast.
• The price may change upon renewal if Verizon/ATT/Comcast change pricing.
• Termination:
• Customer agrees to pay $150.00 for early termination and other charges assessed by the 3G or 4G carrier.
• The 3G or 4G DB6006 Communications Device(s) must be returned within two weeks of service termination or customer agrees to pay $750.00.
• An M2M Agreement that includes the terms and conditions above must be executed.
• DigitalBins will charge a $250.00 consulting fee if customer would like information, contacts and help to secure their own wireless solution.