New DigitalBins Hardware Solutions available for order now

Universal Frame – This universal frame can be used to create the Mobile Cart or Mobile Rack below. Constructed using light-weight, commercial grade, extruded aluminum. The small, enclosed utility area protects wiring and electronics. Built-in computing options include a Microsoft Surface Pro, wired & wireless Ethernet and soon, our distributed processing architecture.
• Shelves (maximum 12 per frame)
• 5.50” locking, swivel casters
• 4.75” jacking casters
• Wired or wireless Ethernet
• Rear panel with built-in holder for a Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Mobile Cart - with four 5.5" locking, swivel casters. Designed to allow two-sided access and to make full use of dynamic scale sizing. Easy to push using a large rubberized handle. A 20' power cable wraps neatly on J hooks. Max 144 bin locations.
Mobile Rack - with four 4.75" jacking casters. Designed to accommodate staggered shelves for easy access and weight distribution. Easy to pull or push into position using two large rubberized handles. 10' power cable. Max 144 bin locations.
Semi-Secure Cabinet (40” w) - Our semi-secure cabinet is constructed using light-weight, commercial grade, extruded aluminum. It is 72"h x 40"w x 28"d. The cabinet is mounted on four jacking casters making it easy to move and easy to secure. The LEDs are clearly viewable through the clear plexi door. Includes an industrial electronic door latch, high or low frequency proximity reader & 10 cards, 2D bar code scanner, 2 DB Power Modules, 1,500va Rack Mounted UPS & USB, splitters. Max 160 bin locations.
• Maximum of 10 shelves
• 3”w x 12” deep plexi scale base and bins
(10 per shelf max.).
• Also select 4”w, 6”w, 9”w, 12”w bin locations.
• 24 Bin Location - Cabinet Drawer - Included are 24 x 3'h x 3'w x 3'd clear acrylic bins specifically designed for our drawers. Each bin location has a max weight of 2 lbs. The drawers are auto-locking (one drawer open at a time). There is an LED module on the outside of the drawer that may be used with LED Netting (licensed separately). Max 5 drawers / cabinet.
• Drawer Cover - One per cabinet
• LED Netting Tower

Point of Use System - Includes: 12 x 4"w x 12"d 3 lb. max scales. Select wired / wireless Ethernet and soon, or new distributed processing architecture. It may be mounted to a short arm, long articulating arm or mobile cart (pictured)